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School is about to begin which means one last road trip for the summer season for many families. As much as we enjoy the planning and the anticipation of the trip, often the most dreadful leg of the trek is the long drive back home. The return trip can seem even longer if you have kids throwing the classic “are we there yet?” line at you. For those who are driving vehicles that aren’t equipped with DVD players or individual charging stations for digital devices, here are some suggestions for non-digital time-killing fun:

The License Plate Game

This one is another fun one, the longer the road trip, the better, for this game. The rules here are simple again- there are 50 U.S. states, all of which have their own unique license plate. The goal of the game is to spot cars containing 1 of each state license plate. Some are obviously easier than others, depending on which states you’re passing through. I think I’ve only completed this game once in my life. As you can guess, the two hardest to spot are Alaska and Hawaii – but they do exist, I swear!

The Alphabet Game

This one is definitely one of the easier games to complete, usually. The goal of this game is to spot words on billboards, shop signs, or cars for each letter of the alphabet. One person starts with the letter ‘A’ and the responsibility is then passed on letter-by-letter, person-by-person as each letter in the alphabet is crossed off. The most difficult letters for this one are usually toward the end of the alphabet, so you might have to help other players who might get stuck!

The Windmill Game

I might be alone in this, but growing up I’d often visit my grandparents’ house out in rural Texas. Somewhere along the way we started playing what I call the ‘Windmill Game’. The rules are simple- whenever you spot a windmill, you shout out “Windmill!” – earning you 1 point. By the end of the trip, whomever has the most points, wins! Looking back, we made a game out of this so that I’d spend my time looking out the window for windmills (of which there were plenty) instead of worrying about how much longer we were going to be in the car. A great game to play, especially if you’ll be passing by ranches and farms!

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