5 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean Without Even Trying










Ever get into someone else’s car and think, “This vehicle looks like it has never been driven,” and then gotten jealous and frustrated because the inside of your car looks like a college student has been living in it for three semesters?

Well, we have good news and we have bad news. The bad news is, your friend’s car has probably been professionally detailed, because your friend is the kind of person who gets his shirts pressed and his car detailed, while you’ve worn the same pair of jeans to work for the last four days. The good news is, with just a few minor changes to your habit, you can achieve vehicular cleanliness without having to do much work or pay much money.

Here’s how:

When You Leave Your Car, Throw Something Away

Think about it. How much of the clutter in your car is stuff you actually need? Be honest. It’s mostly garbage, isn’t it? Garbage you have been too lazy or too hurried to throw away. And now it has accumulated over time.

Just get in the habit of throwing something away whenever you leave your car. You’re getting out anyway, and odds are there’s a trash can wherever you’re going. It adds practically no time or effort to your day, and it makes your car cleaner.

Stop Eating in Your Car

This is easier said than done, for some people, but even if you’re following step one and tossing some trash every time you leave your car, there are still the crumbs to deal with. Bread crumbs, stray fries, little spills of coffee or ketchup that seem like no big deal at the time, but start to add up.

Most people who have messy cars have messy cars because they eat inside them. It’s the No. 1 cause of vehicular messiness, and it’s easily eliminated.

Take Advantage of the Gas Station

Think about it: While the gasoline is pumping into your gas tank, what do you do? Check Facebook? Buy a coffee? Listen to the radio?

This is time that can easily be used to quickly throw away some trash or wipe down some surfaces. And you know your center console could use a good wipe-down. It’s a couple minutes where you’re at the mercy of the fuel pump, so you might as well accomplish something.

Floor Mats are Your Friend

If we had a dollar for every vehicle we saw with worn-out or out-of-place floor mats that were doing little to no good for the carpet underneath, we’d … buy the whole world a set of floor mats, we guess.

Here’s the thing about floor mats: They’re disposable, inexpensive, and easily changed, compared to the carpet underneath, which is molded, expensive, and takes a great deal of work to replace.

If all you do is keep your floor mats properly positioned so that they catch the majority of the action from your feet, you’re doing fine. Sometimes, you can just pull them out, give them a good shake, and throw ‘em right back in.

Keep Some Cleaner in the Car

This is so you can clean up any spots or spills immediately, before they dry and harden and become something that kinda, sorta comes out but the material never really looks the same again.

Just keep a rag and some all-purpose cleaner in the trunk, and when you spill something, clean it up.

Do this for a month, and note the difference. Notice how, even if your car isn’t spotless, it does come across as generally clean. Notice how you don’t have to move a bunch of stuff around every time someone needs to sit down. Notice how you don’t find yourself thinking, “Man, I really need to clean out this car.”

No, not you. You are a clean person now, and you barely even had to try.

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