Great Halloween Safety Tips!!

Chevy Halloween

Halloween weekend is officially upon us. The time of year where local neighborhoods are filled with little trick or treaters scouring door to door for candy and good scares. Whether you’re taking part in these activities, or just expecting to be out and about this weekend, it’s important to remember a few safety tips before venturing out.

Drive Slowly

This one might seem obvious, but it’s an important thing to remember when you know there will be small children roaming the streets. It’s much easier to anticipate any dangers if you’re driving slowly. A great rule of thumb is to treat each neighborhood street as a school zone, and to keep your speed at 25 mph or lower. You never know when a little ghoul or goblin might run in front of your vehicle!

Turn on Your Hazards

If you’re in charge of taking the kiddos trick or treating this year, do other drivers a favor and let them know by turning on your hazard lights. This will alert drivers around you that you will be making frequent stops, and that you have people who will be entering and exiting the vehicle!

Keep Your Headlights On

Just because the sun might be out, doesn’t mean your vehicle is completely visible to pedestrians roaming the streets. In fact, glare from the sun, or poor visibility might make your car harder to spot, especially around sundown. Keep your headlights on (if you don’t have an automatic setting) to alert potential trick or treaters of your presence!

Finnegan Auto Group is committed to safety, especially when it comes to fun traditions such as Halloween! Remember to take the roads slow this weekend, and to keep an eye out for things you normally might not. Want to impress the kids? Take them trick or treating in a new Chevy, Buick, or GMC this weekend! Visit us online or in person for scary good Halloween offers on vehicles in stock! Happy Halloween!

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