Ending Childhood Hunger One “Lunch Of Love” At A Time


You may not be aware of it, but there are thousands of children who depend on the food provided by their schools.  Just in the Rosenberg-Richmond area alone, over 87% of the children attenting Title 1 schools are on the free and reduced lunch program throughout the school year. According to Texas Department of Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples, “Texas ranks 3rd in the nation for food insecurity, meaning one in five adults and one in four children in our state are hungry, and that is simply unacceptable.”  While it is clearly advantageous to have public school programs that help feed a large percentage of the attending children, what happens to those children when school is closed for extended holidays?

That is the question that gave birth to the Lunches of Love organization.  This non-profit group’s mission is to provide free nutritious sack lunches during extended school holidays and weekends. Thanks to the generous help of supporters from all over the nation, Lunches of Love has grown over the last few years to provide hundreds of thousands of sack lunches to elementary studends and their siblings each year.  In 2012 alone, Lunches of Love provided over 186,000 lunches to needy children.

Finnegan Auto Group is a proud supporter of this charitable organization.  Just last weekend, Finnegan Auto Group joined other organizations and community groups in sponsoring the Lunches of Love Walk of Love & 5K Fun Run.  The goals for this event are twofold.  First to raise awareness of this growing need in our community and second as a means of raising funds to help this worthwhile organization continue to provide much needed nutrition and aid to those in our community who truly need help.

We sincerely appreciate all of our staff members and customers who helped us in supporting Lunches of Love and we look forward to continuing this partnership until the day this group’s efforts are no longer needed.  Finnegan Chevrolet Buick GMC and Finnegan Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM thanks you for your support and for joining us in helping put an end to childhood hunger one Lunch of Love at a time…

To Grandmother’s House We Go: Holiday Traveling Safety Made Easy


As hard as it is to believe, the holiday season is here and for many of us, that means one thing: road trip. While you’re making your plans to visit friends and relatives, Finnegan Chevrolet Buick GMC would like to offer the following suggestions to insure your holidays are truly happy ones.


Living in Houston has many benefits, not the least of which is the mild winters and the typically non-wintery driving conditions. Unfortunately, the lack of snow or ice on the roads can be a double-edged sword as most Houstonians do not have much experience driving in regions where winter comes with road hazards of every imaginable shape and size. So, before you set out on your journey to grandma’s house, be sure to prepare yourself for wintery driving conditions.

  • Plan ahead by checking weather forcasts and plotting your course wisely
  • In the event of any major wintery conditions, always remember main highways and freeways will always be cleared first so plan to use these as much as possible.
  • Make sure your mobile device is charged up in the event of an emergency
  • Be sure your vehicle has emergency supplies (batteries, first aid kid, road flares, etc) before you set of on your journey.
  • Above all else, be sure you are familiar with the many driving techniques and specialty supplies for driving in wintery conditions.


Yeah, we know. Making time for a nap when you’re getting ready for a family trip is about as realistic as retiring on your privately owned tropical island.  That said, nothing makes a road trip seem more like eternal damnation than driving while worn-out. While planning out your itenerary, it would be a great idea to schedule some downtime or even a 15 minute power nap before you start rolling.


Speaking of ‘power naps’, taking breaks during your road trip, especially when you’re tired, is a fool-proof way to cure bobbleheaditis.  We know the temptaiton of trying to shave off a few minutes from your travel time, but if the choice is saving a few minutes or saving lives, we’re pretty sure we know which side of the ledger you’ll want to be a part of. If your family is anything like ours, we’re sure they’d rather you arrive a little late than not at all. So, factor in some time for breaks or even an overnight stay at a hotel if you find yourself unable to continue on the journey safely. Better to crash at Motel 6 than anywhere else along the road.


Another safe driving tip, especially in the winter time, is to watch your speed. Giving plenty of time and distance between your fellow drivers is always a good driving policy, especially when you’re driving in unsafe weather conditions. As challenging as it may be to keep it under 80 mph, its always a good idea to maintain safe rates of speed. We know your family won’t mind if you didn’t break any land speed records as long as you arrive at your destination safely.


If the adult beverages are flowing freely at the family gathering, be sure to plan ahead for the return trip. Set a designated driver or simply plan to stay until you’ve recovered from the revelings. Traffic statistics have shown the average number of alcohol-related traffic fatalities rise over 30% during the holiday traveling season. You can prevent yourself and your family from becoming a part of those statistics by planning ahead and celebrating wisely.


We hope these tips will help you in your holiday planning so you can insure you and your loved ones have many more holiday road trips in the future. Just use your common sense and plan ahead and we can all have a very happy 2016. Your friends at Finnegan Chevrolet Buick GMC want to wish you and yours a wonderful and safe holiday season…

(c) 2013 Finnegan Auto Blog