Hurricane Evacuation Driving Tips











We’ve all seen what can happen when turbulent weather arrives unexpectedly. Thunderstorms can catch everyone by surprise but as all tenured residents of the Houston area know, the occasional thunderstorm is the least of our worries. The unfortunate reality about our region is the occasional visit from tropical storms and hurricanes. But the good news is those particular storms come with advanced warnings. So with hurricane season swiftly approaching, now is a good time to prepare yourself for a potential evacuation inland. Before you make your way toward the designated evacuation route, there are a couple of things you can do to reduce the stress of this event and help reduce the evacuation stresses while on the road.

Prepare Your Vehicle 

A well prepared vehicle is vital for any road trip, especially one where basic services may be suspended due to either high demand, or those that provide the services being on the road themselves. This includes regular maintenance tasks, such as monitoring the fluid levels and tire pressure. Beyond that, is is always safe to assume that a common problem will occur on the trip. One of the most common issues vehicles can face on the road is a broken belt. Replacing a belt is a relatively easy chore, provided you have the right tools and the replacement part on hand. Keep printouts of the replacement instructions in your glove compartment, just in case the local cell phone towers are overwhelmed by travelers. Keep all of this with your spare tire, and never have to worry about getting out of town again.

Prepare For The Road

After preparing your vehicle, it’s vital to remember that basic services may be unavailable during the trip. During hurricane season, it is important to always maintain a full tank of gas, in addition to keeping an emergency supply in your trunk (only during the evacuation itself). The reason for this is simple, there will be an exceptionally high demand placed upon existing fuel sources along the route. The possibility is exceptionally high that gas stations will run out of fuel before the last family has evacuated. By having a full tank, and a little extra in reserve, you can guarantee that you can get out of the worst areas before needing to refuel.

Prepare Your Family

Being able to make the trip is one thing, making the trip with your sanity intact is something else entirely. You and your spouse will be feeling stressed over having your daily lives disrupted, and the children will be restless and possibly nervous by the sudden road trip. The only way to prevent frayed nerves from turning into arguments is to plan ahead.

At the start of every season, create an evacuation pack that is stored in a secure place in your home. When it comes time to leave, all you will need to do is toss the pack into the car and head out. This simple act will save you several hours of packing, and allow both you and your spouse time to collect things of value without feeling pressured. This pack should contain everything from clothing to games and food. It is amazing how a simple distraction or a treat can help make the miles, and hours fly by without incident.

Keep In Contact

After preparing your family and your vehicle, it is vital to keep those that you will be traveling towards abreast of your plans. Make sure your extended family knows the route you will be taking, and provide them with regular updates, including contact information for any hotels you may stop at. A hurricane evacuation is stressful for everyone involved, regardless if they are on the evacuation route or not.

Before hurricane season is in full swing, make sure to stop by Finnegan Chevrolet Buick GMC for a visit to our service department. Our qualified technicians will have your car up and running in perfect condition in no time! It’s important to keep your car maintained during this time, because you never know when a hurricane might hit, and being prepared ahead of time could be the difference in a safe ride. Schedule an appointment today!

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