Don’t Leave Home Without These 5 Vehicle Emergency Items








If you’re like most of us, the main things you have in your car at any given time are, like, a coffee cup, a pair of gym shoes, a discarded wrapper or two, a pack of gum. You get the idea. The point is, we carry around a lot of stuff we don’t need.

But there are some things we do need to carry around in our cars — or at least some things we might regret not having at some point.

Here are five things you should keep in your car just in case:

Motor Oil, Other Fluids

If you’re checking your oil regularly, you’re probably in good shape, but it’s not a bad idea to keep a quart of oil in the trunk for that one day when, much to your surprise, the oil light comes on. While you’re at it, throw in some coolant/water, and maybe some brake fluid and power steering fluid. It could save the day.

First Aid Kit

This is fairly self-explanatory, but make sure your first-aid kit makes sense for you, specifically. If you have medications, keep some in there, along with emergency phone numbers. And don’t forget to include a flashlight with good batteries.

Jumper Cables

Every car should have a pair of jumper cables in the trunk. They cost very little, they never wear out, and they can often be the difference between being stranded in some parking lot and being on your way home. The thing is, your car’s battery will die at some point. It’s pretty much inevitable. Be prepared for that moment.


Or towels, even. If something goes wrong with your car — dead battery, oil low, etc. — odds are you’re going to end up getting your hands dirty dealing with it. Some shop rags are nice for this. But you may also consider something a little bigger, for that time your dog decides to roll in in the mud, or you get caught in a rain storm.

Battery-Powered Cell Phone Charger

Let’s say your battery is dead and you’re nowhere near civilization and you need to call for help, but your phone is about to die. This is when it would be really nice to have one of those portable phone chargers for some emergency juice.

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