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Even with oil and gas prices dropping at the pumps, we as the concrete navigators of Houston are always looking for ways to save money. With gas being a hefty monthly expense for many commuters in a city as big as Houston, there’s luckily a few techniques to get more miles for your money.

Slow Down

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it really does go a long way when getting better mileage. The logic goes like this: the more RPM’s your engine uses, the more gas it uses to power it. In a city with constant stop-and-go traffic, the RPM’s needed to accelerate from 0 mph to even 30 mph is a lot, especially if you drive an SUV (they’re heavier). Keeping your RPM’s low, or constant, will save you gas mileage, and money, in the long run.

Use Your Car’s Cruise Control

Continuing from the tip above, your car’s cruise control setting is designed to keep your speed, and your RPM’s, at a constant level. Using this setting, especially on long road trips, will undoubtedly get you better gas mileage. Instead of fluctuating your car’s speed and RPM, the cruise control setting will keep your speed and RPM’s at a constant level – ensuring your car uses fuel at a constant pace, rather than a sporadic one.

Maintenance is Key

Your car needs proper maintenance just like you need the right amount of sleep and food to function! Neglecting your car’s needs like routine oil changes, tire rotation, or cleaning the air filter all contribute to how hard your car’s engine has to work. Besides, car maintenance is easy, and just right around the corner from you. In the end, a well-maintained car will ensure you’re getting the maximum amount of mileage from your vehicle.

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