Hurricane Evacuation Driving Tips


                  We've all seen what can happen when turbulent weather arrives unexpectedly. Thunderstorms can catch everyone by surprise but as all tenured residents of the … [Continue reading]

Muscle-Bound: A Brief History of the Malibu


One of Chevrolet's oldest sedans is all new and ready to take on the town.  The Malibu has been completely redesigned for 2016, and your friends at Finnegan Chevrolet Buick GMC has them. Any time Chevy rolls out a fresh take on one of their … [Continue reading]

5 Tips For Keeping Your Car Clean Without Even Trying


                Ever get into someone else's car and think, "This vehicle looks like it has never been driven," and then gotten jealous and frustrated because the inside of your car … [Continue reading]

What To Do When Your Car Overheats


An overheated car is something to send to a professional technician, but we all know cars don't wait until you're at a car dealership to get hot. Sometimes, you're in the middle of nowhere and your temperature gauge starts rising and you don't … [Continue reading]

How To Save Money At The Pump


                  Even with oil and gas prices dropping at the pumps, we as the concrete navigators of Houston are always looking for ways to save money. With gas being a hefty … [Continue reading]

Three Car Mistakes You Need To Stop Making


                  You're not a neglectful person. You pay your bills on time. You RSVP to weddings. You reply to text messages in a timely fashion. You're on top of it. But we … [Continue reading]

Common Sense Theft Prevention Tips For Your Vehicle

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                Every year there are billions, yes you heard that right…billions of dollars worth of personal items and accessories stolen from vehicles. These items can range from a … [Continue reading]

Do You Really Need That Premium Fuel?


Let's get this out of the way right off the top. The answer to the headline above is, most likely, "no", you probably do not need premium gasoline. The vast majority of cars are designed to run just fine on regular gas, and adding premium to their … [Continue reading]

Don’t Leave Home Without These 5 Vehicle Emergency Items


            If you're like most of us, the main things you have in your car at any given time are, like, a coffee cup, a pair of gym shoes, a discarded wrapper or two, a pack of gum. You get the idea. … [Continue reading]

Road Trip Down Memory Lane: A History of The Chevy Impala

The Chevy Impala: no matter which group you ask, someone’s bound to know what you’re talking about. America’s most iconic muscle car stands just as strongly in our memories today as it did when it started its journey in 1958, as a high-end Bel Air … [Continue reading]

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