GM Introduces the Chevy BOLT!

Chevy Bolt

A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post containing exciting details surrounding the Chevy Volt‘s upgraded battery, and subsequently longer range. Well, Chevy and GM have recently announced they plan to go all-in for the increasingly popular long-range electric vehicle market. Their first hand? The Chevy Bolt. Sounds familiar.

The concept design for the Bolt has already been released, and it’s pretty clear just by looking at it Chevy is going after the global frenzy of SUVs. More specifically, Chevy plans to market the Bolt as a crossover SUV, with the hopes to entice a larger market of buyers. These comments were made at a Detroit event, where they also announced a joint development project for the Bolt with LG Electronics.

While no official numbers have been released on the range of the Bolt, GM’s product development chief, Mark Reuss, told reports it will be in the 200-mile range. More excitingly, they Bolt will cost under $30,000, including a $7,500 federal electric car tax credit. This puts Chevy’s latest EV project on-par, and head-to-head against Tesla’s planned Model III.

While the Chevy Bolt isn’t set for production until 2017, Chevy still has a great selection of fun to drive, fuel efficient vehicles. Come and see us at Finnegan Auto Group in Rosenberg, TX and test drive a new Chevy Volt, or Traverse today!!

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