New Performance Parts Unveiled for the 2016 Camaro


Camaro fans, rejoice! GM has unveiled new performance parts for the upcoming 2016 Chevy Camaro! The list of new performance parts include lower suspension kits, for improved handling of your new Chevy Camaro. This manufacturer kits lower the car by up to 8 inches, and give the Camara a meaner, more aggressive look. These kits are designed for the LT and SS coupes and convertible trims, but can’t be used on SS models equipped with the optional Magnetic Ride Control suspension.

Chevy is also offering new brake packages from Brembo, which have been used on Formula One cars. These packages will be available for 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder models, and V6 models. These options upgrade the Camaro’s brakes to bigger rotors, which match the V8 Camaro SS brakes.

Last but not least, GM has released a new performance exhaust system for 3.6-liter V6 and 6.2-liter V8 models. These exhaust packages will give the Camaro a deeper-sounding exhaust, and won’t void the manufacturer warranty (woohoo!)

The performance-related parts aren’t the only thing in the pipeline from GM. Chevy is also launching a line of new accessories for Camaro drivers to further personalize their new sports car. Three different accessory options will be available for wheel designs, grille kits, rear spoiler and ground effects kits, and interior trim options. Also available are the classic exterior graphic options like racing stripes, a single center stripe, side spears, and front-fender hash marks.

The 2016 Camaro is launching soon! When it does, visit us at Finnegan Auto Group to test drive this hot new sports car!

There’s a Buzz Surrounding the All-New Chevy Volt!

2016 Chevy Volt

The 2016 Chevy Volt has left U.S. assembly plants and are finally en route to dealerships nationwide. So, what’s new with the All-New 2016 Chevy volt? Well, everything!

Improved Range

The 2016 Chevy Volt boasts a 40% increase in range over the previous first generation model. Consumers can now enjoy even less trips to the pump with an extended 53 miles per charge. In fact, with the Volt’s combo mix of electricity and gasoline, the new Chevy model has an EPA estimated range of 420 miles on a single charge & tank. The boost in charge range is thanks to a 200 lb. lighter frame, and increased battery power using the same amount of space as the last battery pack.

Intuitive Interior

One of the most requested upgrades to the 2016 Chevy volt was an update to its interior. Specifically, consumers were looking for an easy-to-use infotainment system, and Chevy more than delivered. The Volt now comes with a knob-controlled all-color display, which comes fitted with an app-like user interface, similar to your iPhone or Android smartphone. Additionally, drivers can connect their smartphones via bluetooth for improved hands-free interaction. Oh, and the upscale leather addition is also a nice touch.

Smooth Ride

One of the added benefits of driving an electric vehicle is how smooth it sounds and drives on the road. The Volt’s partially-electric engine provide a much quieter ride when in electric mode than vehicles fitted with an all-gasoline engine. When you’re hitting the road on a long road trip, your sanity will thank you for the noticeably quiet ride.

Test-Drive One Today!

The 2016 Chevy Volt will be hitting our showroom floor here shortly. Give us a call or visit us online at for more information and to schedule a test drive! You won’t regret it.

The New & Improved 2016 Chevy SS Sedan


If you haven’t heard of the Chevy SS sedan, we understand. Only a relatively few number of these vehicles were ever made in the last 2 years, and GM never really ran any kind of marketing on this. We only ever had 2 on our lot. But 2016 tells a different story … a story of revitalization; a story of revamped, stylish power and comfort.

Looks Matter

For 2016, the Chevy SS sedan has an upgraded look. The previous iteration was a little deceiving, looking more like a Malibu in disguise than a sports car with a 415 HP V8 rocking under the hood. Other than the revised front fascia, the SS features vertical ducts at the outer edges of the top of the hood. These vents are designed to direct airflow over the front wheel openings to improve aerodynamic efficiency. The front fascia also features new LED signature lighting.

Where The Rubber Meets The Road

The Chevy SS sedan is also getting some new wheels! Coming out of the box with some sweet new 19″ cast-aluminum wheels and Bridgestone Potenza performance tires, the SS design changes more fully to express the true character of this sedan while enhancing it’s overall performance. The SS is also coming equipped with a new dual-mode exhaust system that enables quieter performance at low speeds and more aggressive, muscular sound at full-throttle.

Under The Hood

The Chevy SS continues with the same 6.2L V8 certified at 415 HP and pound-feet of torque. This engine will be mated to  six-speed manual or a six-speed paddle shift automatic transmission. Expect this grocery getter to hit 0-60 MPH in 4.7 seconds. Milk runs have never been more exhilarating!

If you want to get your hands on the current generation of SS sedans, come to Finnegan Chevy Buick GMC in Rosenberg and order one through us today!

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Chevy IndyCar Won It’s Fourth-Consecutive Manufacturer’s Championship

2012 IndyCar Sebring Testing

Chevrolet has been on a roll in the IndyCar circuit, previously winning three straight IndyCar Manufacturer’s Championships. Thanks, in part to the brand’s overall excellence in the IndyCar racing field, Chevrolet is also not one to rest on their laurels. The Chevy IndyCar program has now secured their fourth-consecutive Manufacturer’s Championship.

The Announcement

The news came on August 30th via an official release from IndyCar only hours ahead of the season finale GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma at Sonoma Raceway. IndyCar revealed that regardless of the day’s events, Chevrolet had already clinched the coveted Manufacturer’s Championship, staving off fierce competition from Honda. The fourth-straight championship for Chevy came as the car manufacturer had already nabbed nice of the first 15 IndyCar races ahead of the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma, and as the manufacturer had also collected every available Verizon P1 Award thanks to their pole position domination.

Team Chevy

Chevrolet jumped back into the IndyCar competition ins 2012. Since then, Team Chevy has chased — and won — the Manufacturer’s Championship each year. Beginning in 2015, both Chevrolet and Honda took on dual roles in developing aerodynamic bodywork pieces for Verizon IndyCar series vehicles. The new aerodynamic components attach to the Dallara IR-12 Chassis, a piece that is used by all teams within the Verizon IndyCar Series.

Manufacturer’s Cup Championship Structure

In order to develop a better understanding of the import of the Manufacturer’s championship and the enormity of Team Chevy’s recent four-year run, it’s crucial to understand how the cup is currently scored.

Each participating IndyCar manufacturer receives points toward the Manufacturer’s Championship in accordance with the earned positions of each manufacturer’s top three finishers. Additionally, bonus points are possible. The Verizon P1 Award, which Chevrolet also nabbed this year, provides bonus points to its recipient. also bonus points are bestowed on the team that leads the most laps, as well as for each 2.2-liter V6 engine that hits the 2,500 mile threshold.

Point reductions in the IndyCar Manufacturer’s Championship are possible, as well. If a team’s engine(s) do not reach the aforementioned 2,500-mile minimum threshold on their twin-turbocharged V6’s points are deducted.

Grand Prix of Sonoma Results

Despite already having their fourth-straight IndyCar Manufacturer’s Championship “in the bag”, Chevrolet and Team Chevy driver Scott Dixon entered the 85-lap GoPro Grand Prix race with serious intentions, and the results bore that out. Dixon and Team chevy grabbed yet another win on that day, elevating Team Chevy to a total of ten victories out of the last 16. The GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma victory put an exclamation mark on Chevrolet’s tremendous 2015 IndyCar Series run, and drove home their recent dominance in the IndyCar Manufacturer’s Championship since re-entering in 2012.

IndyCar Press Release Quotes

IndyCar sent out a press release on August 30 to announce Team Chevrolet’s fourth-consecutive IndyCar Manufacturer’s Championship. The release featured quotes from both IndyCar and Team Chevy that further demonstrate the team’s recent dominance, as well as reiterate the recent adjustments made to how the Manufacturer’s Cup is scored.

“Our fourth consecutive Manufacturers Championship is the result of consistent preparation, teamwork and execution by our Chevrolet teams, drivers and technical partners,” said Jim Campbell, Team Chevy U.S. Vice President of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “Together, we focused on delivering strong engine and aero performance all season long.”

Will Phillips, IndyCar Vice President of Technology, had this to say on point adjustments for 2015: “We made adjustments to how points were scored in the Manufacturer’s Championship this year,” Phillips added, “which accurately reflected Chevy’s strong performance throughout the 2015 Verizon IndyCar Series season, highlighted by a win in the Indianapolis 500.”

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The Top 5 Reasons Why The Chevy Camaro Is The Best Muscle Car Ever


The Chevy Camaro has been around since 1967, and since then it has had one awesome history. Locked in an eternal battle with its rival, the Mustang, the Camaro is poised for market domination in 2016. But to us, the Camaro faithful, and the rest of humanity this the muscle car is the shining pinnacle of Human automotive achievement. Why, you ask? We’ve got 10 reasons why.

#1. The Camaro is a fire breathing dragon of American automotive history.

#2. “The Camaro is a small, vicious animal that eats Mustangs.”

#3. The 2014/2015 Camaro Z/28 is the most track-capable production Camaro ever made and can even outrace Ferrari and Porsche around the infamous Nurburgring.

#4. The Camaro ZL1 with a Supercharged 6.2L LSA V8 puts out 580 RWHP and can hit 0-60 in almost 4.1 seconds.

#5 Nothing looks better than a white Camaro with Inferno Orange Rally Stripes.

Come get your new Chevy Camaro at Finnegan Chevy Buick GMC in Rosenberg today and stay tuned for more updates on the new 6th Generation Camaro coming in late Fall!

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The Top 5 Accessories For Your Chevy Camaro


The Chevy Camaro is one of the most beloved sports cars ever made, with numerous aftermarket accessories adding to the thrill that comes with owning one of these magnificent muscle cars. Considering the popularity of these options, most (if not all) of the best accessories are offered through GM dealerships, like Finnegan Chevy Buick GMC, with qualified and experienced staff on hand to install them. Let us, the professionals, put in your upgrades and guarantee a result that you will be pleased with for the life of your Camaro! The following list of upgrades are available for your 5th Generation Chevy Camaro.

Custom Graphics

The Camaro was never designed to be a subtle car. It was originally described as a “small, ferocious animal that eats Mustangs.” The first iteration featured an interesting design known as “Rally Stripes” down the length of the hood and the rear decklid. This design has carried over into the present day. There are also numerous other custom graphics available for your ride, including full-length Indy Stripes, Heritage Stripes, Fender Hash Marks, ZL1 Performance Stripes, Gill Stripes and Hockey Stick Stripes. All of the above are available in various colors, most notably black, white, gray and Inferno Orange.

Performance Exhaust Upgrade

There is no reason to stop at the physical appearance of your Camaro when it comes to upgrades. The Performance Exhaust Upgrade is designed to improve the look and sound of your exhaust system, while still maintaining street legality in even the strictest of jurisdictions. This emissions-legal, bolt-on kit, when combined with other performance upgrades and modifications, may actually increase RWHP on your Camaro.

Short-Throw Shifter

This upgrade is for those who still revel in The Art of Driving by utilizing the manual transmission. The Short-throw Shifter kit provides quicker, more precise shifts in the Camaro SS equipped with a manual transmission. In fact, this upgrade is the same production shifter that comes out of the box on the ZL1. The kit comes with the shifter, installation hardware and a leather shift knob with contrast stitching.

Ambient Lighting

Upgrades and modifications don’t always have to be about stripes and parts … in fact, the Ambient Lighting kit is designed specifically for the driver and passengers to enjoy. It provides a soft glow in 7 different colors (blue, red, white, orange, purple, green and yellow) that illuminates the console cupholder and footwell area of your Camaro. Available across all trim levels, it can be controlled via a button in your center console.

The Spoiler

Because what is more intrinsic to the concept of a Muscle Car than a spoiler? Nothing, that’s what. The 5th Gen Camaro comes with three distinct types of spoilers. The ZL1 Blade spoiler is a low rise, custom race-inspired Spoiler Kit. It is available in all the body colors across most trim levels. The Z/28 style spoiler is designed for the track racer in all of us. It provides the maximum amount of downforce on your vehicle during high-speed, tight turns and straightaways on track conditions. The High Wing spoiler takes a page out of the crazy customs catalog. More show than function, it makes sure that everyone you drive past takes notice.

If you’re looking for these and more upgrades and modifications to your 5th Generation Camaro, head on over to Finnegan Chevy Buick GMC today! We’ve got everything you need and more, plus the factory certified technicians to install them!

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The Chevy Impala’s Interior is a Game-Changer!


When looking for a new full-sized car most car shoppers only focus on the price tag or the fuel efficiency, only stopping to consider the interior as the final price is negotiated. This is a mistake, since you will be spending a vastly greater amount of time inside the vehicle, rather than outside staring at the paint.

The 2015 Chevy Impala has always been known for being one of the finest brands of full sized cars produced in the United States. The production started in 1958, and has continued with few interruptions since then. The reason for its enduring success has been the focus on creating the most elegant and practical interiors possible. This proud history continues today, with the 2015 Chevy Impala incorporating features that enable it to stand out from the crowd.

The Lap Of Luxury


With the highest quality leather used throughout, you and your passengers are guaranteed to feel comfortable regardless of how long the drive may be. The rear seating offers 39.8 inches of legroom to provide passengers with exceptional legroom and with seating for five people and 18.8 cubic feet of storage space, it is possible to quickly toss the whole family into the 2015 Chevy Impala and head off across the country. The French stitching, wood grain paneling and chrome accents add another layer of decadence to this superb sedan.

Chevrolet has also added even more amenities like available heated AND ventilated front seat for both driver and passenger, this level attention to detail provides a sturdy foundation that guarantees that this generation of Impala will be remembered as the time when Impala went to the Ritz-Carlton. As with most of the interior, you can choose a custom color if the standard black-on-black is not to your liking.

Exceptional Entertainment


An enjoyable trip starts with a silent base, before your own choice of media issues forth from the speakers. Speaking of speakers, the The 2015 Impala is designed to have one of the quietest interiors on the market, with special attention paid to eliminating all road and engine noise, the Bose Active Noise Cancellation System, triple sealed doors and acoustic-laminated glass all do the job flawlessly. This sets the stage for the 11-speaker Bose Centerpoint Surround Sound System to let you hear even the slightest changes in pitch, harmony and melody. The sound system was painstakingly custom-tailored to maximize the specific acoustic dynamics of the Impala’s cabin. You may never find a better sounding system in any other car ever!

Thanks to the Chevrolet MyLink system, you will never be out of touch. Everything from traffic to the weather is just a tap away, making sure you are never surprised by what may be coming down the road. For those looking to preserve their phone’s battery, there are two major components that are sure to bring a smile to your lips. The first is that you can easily connect your phone to the stereo system, charging the device without any problems. The second is the inclusion of a 4G LTE hotspot, paid on an as-needed basis. You can have your devices connect to it, instead of draining your phone’s battery by being used as a hotspot.

Safety First!


Impala has you covered front, back and side-to-side. 10 air bags come standard. Additional available safety measures include: Forward Collision Alert, Side Blind Zone Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert and Lane Departure Warning. The Impala also includes Front Automatic Braking with your Adaptive Cruise Control package. It uses radar mounted on the grille to help prevent and mitigate a front-end collision.

OnStar Basic

New OnStar Logo

This plan comes standard with the 2015 Chevy Impala, and allows you to control everything from your home lights from inside the car, to starting the engine and adjusting the temperature while you are still working. This small touch makes the Chevy Impala an extension of your home, enabling you to seamlessly transition from work, school, or the store and your residence without missing a beat.

We know by now you probably already are chomping at the bit to get a look at this modern edition of the American Classic! Come on down to Finnegan Chevy Buick GMC in Rosenberg today!

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10 Things We Can Expect From Chevy In 2016


Chevy and GM have a lot to prove over the next couple of years. After weathering the 2008 fiscal storm, the company has rebranded its image a few times to reclaim market share taken by foreign importers over the last thirty years. In 2016, Chevy is pushing numerous changes that are guaranteed to drive the automotive industry to new heights!

Improved Fuel Economy

With the economy steadily improving, people are looking to purchase new cars in greater numbers. However, the average person’s budget is tighter than ever. That means they will be looking for a vehicle that is safe to drive, easy on gas, and is relatively inexpensive.

Chevy is proud to make this wish a reality with numerous models sporting exceptionally high fuel economies. For instance, the 2016 Malibu is expected to have an estimated combined 47 MPG, if you get the new hybrid powertrain.

Improved Communication

Chevy will be including the award winning Chevrolet MyLink with more models than ever before. The technology is becoming common place in cars across the market, so this isn’t surprising.

All New Lineup

No automotive company can afford to not innovate every year. Expect the new cars to be more efficient, safer and more elegant than ever before.

Improved Safety

Federal regulations are requiring car manufacturers to include a wide variety of new safety features by 2018. Chevy is at the forefront of including these features well in advance, using this grace period to iron out any kinks before they become mandatory. These features include rear-view cameras, automatic braking and numerous independent sensors.

Redesigned Bodies

The last several model years have seen car sizes shrink, accounting for the shrinking budgets of new car buyers. Since the economy is growing again, expect vehicles to suddenly start returning to their pre-2008 sizes. For instance, the Malibu and CT6 are seeing their bodies expanded.

Increased Emphasis On Electric

The Chevy Volt was considered by many to be a solution in search of a problem when it came out. The range was limited, the price steep and it required federal subsidies to bring it within reach of the average person. Now, the technology pioneered in the Volt is being offered across the board, improving fuel efficiency and setting the stage for the day when electric cars go mainstream.

Better Financing Terms

Interest rates are still near historic lows, giving car manufactures the opportunity to flex their financial might and offer qualified borrowers exceptional deals. Many manufactures are already offering 0% car loans, and it is expected that Chevy will do likewise this year.

Improved Entertainment

Advanced infotainment systems have gone from being a pricey gimmick to being something that is required in order to get cars sold. Chevy is bringing its advanced infotainment system to nearly every vehicle next year, guaranteeing that you will be able to sync your phone and enjoy your media without having to resort to using adaptors and awkward cables.

More Aggressive Marketing

As the market for new cars expands, expect Chevy to mount a public relations campaign in an attempt to maintain a positive and persistent public awareness of their revolutionary new models.

More Options

With increased competition and a larger pool of prospective buyers, Chevy is being forced to allow customers greater choices than ever before. Expect to be able to customize nearly everything about your new car, from the paint color to the highlight trim along the door’s interiors.

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The Chevy Suburban: Better Than Big


The Chevy Suburban has always been known for being big, that’s no secret. However, with the latest model in 2015, the Chevy Suburban is better than big: it’s almost a completely new vehicle!

A Milestone For Chevrolet

Chevrolet’s Suburban SUV has always been a steady seller. The current 2015 model year is the 12th Generation and 80th Anniversary of this exceptional XXL vehicle. The more standout highlights of the new Suburban are a more powerful and fuel-efficient 5.3L V8 engine, vastly upgraded interior and new advanced safety and convenience features. With room for nine and the ability to haul a sizable trailer simultaneously, the Suburban retains its place as a top SUV contender in 2015.

So What’s Up?

Under the hood, chevy has made significant improvements to this vehicle. In the past there were concerns and myriad complaints regarding fuel economy on this rightfully massive SUV. Chevrolet has taken plenty of time to develop a new 5.3L EcoTech V8 engine with Active Fuel Management (AFM). This engine features 355 HP, 383 lb.-ft. of torque, and the  AFM will selectively deactivates cylinders under light load conditions, effectively giving you a V4 engine to help conserve fuel. A vacuum-controlled exhaust valve, improved engine mounts and electronic throttle control all work together to mitigate noise and vibration, which in-turn, helps to conserve even more fuel.

The best part is that the exterior has been remodeled to provide improved aerodynamics to help with the fuel economy. Now all this talk about new tech and design mods probably has you thinking, so what is the bottom line with the fuel efficiency? The 2015 Suburban 4WD Z71 has an EPA estimated rating of 15 MPG city/22 MPG highway, averaging 18 MPG combined. This is up 1 MPG across the board from last year’s model on the 4WD. The 2WD Suburban still averages 18 MPG despite having slightly higher fuel savings at 16 city/23 highway.

The Main Event


If we had to pick a “Most Improved” category on this already improved SUV, we’d have to go with the interior. This department needed significant revisions and Chevy delivered. Sitting at 2.5 inches shorter than last year, it somehow seems longer and more spacious than 2014. On the LT trim, the center console and switchgear are much more attractive and thoughtfully integrated. The new design frees up a ton of interior space and there is also a secret storage compartment behind the 8-inch color touchscreen.

It’s also pretty techy, seeing as how new Suburbans get a 3GB/three-month 4G LTE WiFi hotspot data trial through OnStar. There are no fewer than five USB ports, five 12-volt plugs, a 110-volt AC outlet, and a wireless induction phone charger. The Suburban is just buzzing with energy for your electronic devices. The second-row seats are designed just like the driver and passenger seat, third-row occupants gain a comfortable amount of legroom and ride better due to the relief section ahead of the solid rear axle suspension. Oh, and did we mention that there is an available Blu-ray player option as well?


Yeah, that just happened.

All-in-all, the new 2015 Chevy Suburban is better than big, it is a whole new generation of full-sized SUV for the modern era. If you want to see all the bells and whistles for yourself, or take it for a test drive, look no further than Finnegan Chevy Buick GMC in Rosenberg! Stop by today!

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Chevrolet Is Going Electric!


Electric vehicles have come a long way from the underpowered and expensive trinkets of the 1970’s. As generator and battery capacity increased, and manufacturing prices dropped, it has become economically feasible to start offering electric options in the regular American car market. There are numerous ways to create an electric automobile. Chevrolet has chosen to take two different routes with the 2015 model year, the all-electric Spark EV and the hybrid Volt, along with the soon-to-come all-electric Bolt. Chevrolet is going electric and we are proud to witness the future come to life today!

Spark EV


The 2015 Spark EV is designed to be a daily commuter for the average person. It has a range of 82 miles when fully charged, well above the average daily distance Americans drive (38 miles, courtesy of the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration.) It is not designed to be taken on road trips, but to be the dependable car that gets you and your family wherever you need to go around town. A modern day boulevardier if you will.

With a price starting at $18,495, this car can be a practical second vehicle that can be used primarily as a daily driver, giving you the luxury of having a relatively low maintenance car always ready to go. All you have to do is remember to plug it in!

For those looking for longer ranges, pure electric vehicles are available. However, due to the uncertainty of finding a plug and the high cost of the all-electric long distance vehicles currently on the market, they are a rare sight.



The 2015 Volt provides the perfect middle ground for those looking for an electric vehicle, without sacrificing range and the convenience of filing up at a traditional gas station. It utilizes a hybrid gas/electric system to maximize efficiency without sacrificing range or convenience. The stated combined gas mileage is an amazing 98 miles per gallon, and the Volt can travel for 38 miles without activating the engine.

The gas engine is not the traditional motor you will find in a car. Instead of burning fuel to turn a transmission, thus wasting energy and adding inefficiencies to the system, the engine powers a generator. This generator provides power to either the batteries, which normally power the four electric motors, or the motors directly. Since the gasoline engine powers the generators, you will never have to plug your car in.

This fusion technology at one time cost a pretty penny. Thankfully, in recent years the cost of implementing this amazing example of automotive engineering has dropped significantly. At $26,670, the Volt is easily within the average family’s budget. Considering the cost savings in fuel alone, you can lower your monthly car budget by a significant amount without changing your daily life.



The all-new Bolt has been announced, and will usher in the next-generation of Chevy EV, possibly even influencing an entire EV revolution among auto manufacturers. The Bolt is designed to be a long-range, all-electric vehicle capable of ferrying you over 200 miles on a single charge. However, the Bolt represents much more than an end to hybridization, it represents Chevrolet’s vision for an affordable, global EV solution.

Innovative Design

Every aspect of the Bolt’s innovative design has been developed to push the envelope both in terms of technology and aesthetics. The Bolt EV is equipped with lightweight aluminum wheels that have clear inserts between the spokes that give it a unique look while also maximizing efficiency by reducing drag.

The Power Of Electricity

Its power plant is an advanced lithium-ion battery that provides drivers with over 200 miles of all-electric driving range. It also comes with a DC fast-charging capability that will recharge up to 80% in less than 45 minutes. One of the coolest design features is a full-length glass roof and wraparound rear window that allows natural light to illuminate your cabin and create an open, airy ambiance.

Interior Design For The Future

Inside this revolutionary new electric vehicle is a whole new world or automotive interior design. Chevrolet is putting generous amounts of headroom and legroom in this compact, along with a light color scheme to give it a very “homely” feel. The center console is being designed to minimalist proportions that will seem to float between slim seats on aluminum pedestals. Like the rest of Chevrolet’s lineup, the center touchscreen gives the driver access to an array of electronic redoubts with just a tap on the 10-inch display.

The 21st Century Automobile

There will also be an automatic park-and-retrieval technology (which may very well be the coolest aspect of this car) in the Bolt that will allow owners to exit the vehicle and have their Bolt park itself. When the owner is ready to leave, they can summon their Bolt to their location and the car will robotically drive itself to pick you up. Talk about curbside service!

Why Go Electric?

Electric motors are vastly more efficient to run, and have fewer components that can break down over time. Since they do not use the traditional rod and piston system, there is no need for oil. Since each engine operates independently, you will also avoid needing to worry about a transmission. Thus, two of the most frequent reasons for taking a car to the repair shop are eliminated with the Spark EV and Bolt.

The Volt still has a traditional engine, so changing the oil is a must. However, you will never have to worry about a transmission again. Considering that the average car battery is around $1,300 and the average new transmission is around $2,500 ( and Edwards Transmissions, respectively,) even if the battery fails, you will still be saving money over the long haul. There has never been a better time for a major car manufacturer such as Chevrolet to start offering quality electric vehicles at reasonable prices. Save yourself money and worry, and take the leap into the 21st Century at Finnegan Chevy Buick GMC in Rosenberg today!

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