The Buick LaCrosse Is Not Your Grandfather’s Buick!


Flawless Victory

The Buick LaCrosse is winning perfect marks on its safety exams, and glowing reviews from the automotive authorities the world over. It’s far and away one of the best overall sedan deals of 2015. This might come as a surprise for newcomers to Buick, but connoisseurs of the manufacturer’s trademark dedication to comfort, satisfaction, safety and quality will not be shocked in the least. Buick’s been pushing out vehicles at the top of the line for decades. For its stellar performance, fuel economy, regal interior, and seamless engine system, the LaCrosse is well deserving of some recognition for the affordability and luxury of its masterful craftsmanship.

The Price Is Right and The Options Are Nice

The Buick LaCrosse was built with luxury in mind, but somehow, it’s totally affordable. The sedan is an outright steal, starting at $31,065. It features levels of design and ergonomics that are more fitting for a fully stocked, top of the line regal vehicle (not to be confused with the actual Buick Regal). Not only that, but it comes loaded with utilities like “eAssist”, an innovative stop-start engine aid, and a driver display with multicolor center information. This model prioritizes comfort, with no holds barred for the unprecedented interior space offered for up to four passengers, and plenty of backup in the trunk. But let’s not just focus on the bare bones.

The Buick LaCrosse was also designed to exude an air of luxury, boasting leather-appointed seats, elegant trim, modern engineered seating design for long-range driving comfort, optional heated seats for chilly mornings, and careful, quality stitching. A surround audio system rounds out the deal, giving every ride the impression of a cruise in the lap of luxury. The improvements and the extra bonuses that the LaCrosse brings to the table go the extra mile to make the atmosphere of the car definitively luxurious. LaCrosse is the very picture of class with its shining specialty wheels, swiveling mirrors, energy-efficient engine, soft touch surfaces and carefully-crafted seats. The LaCrosse definitely won’t stop impressing even when you test its limits.

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

On the highway, its sealed doors kept the interior soft and silent, not nearly as shaky as a small vehicle driver might expect from a regular sedan. This is no regular sedan. The quietness is calming, keeping you centered on the road with no distractions. Combined with all its other features, there are no doubts as to how the LaCrosse earned its place at the top of the luxury food chain. The LaCrosse was built to behave intuitively on the highway and off, with a full trunk or an empty one.

Feel The Power

The rest of its segment is no match for the Buick LaCrosse’s horsepower and EPA estimated fuel economy, a respectable 184 HP and 36 highway MPG for the standard 2.4 liter, and the available V-6 engine cranking it up to 304 HP and 28 highway MPG, capable of up to 264 pound feet of torque. What’s more, their customized engine stops and starts when needed, saving you fuel no matter where you’re going, and keeping those city miles per gallon nice and high. The LaCrosse wasn’t designed to fit in with other sedans. No, it was built to lead other vehicles on the path to greatness.

With its fully stocked arrangement of features, the LaCrosse has accomplished what few other luxury brands have done: it has single-handedly created a generation of functional, affordable, completely safe luxury vehicle. Keep an eye out for the impact it’s sure to have on the future of riding. It’s clear that the Buick LaCrosse is head, shoulders, and rims above the competition. No wonder it’s won so many reviews – fact is, it just gets so many things right. Come get yours today at Finnegan Chevy Buick GMC in Rosenberg!

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The Buick LaCrosse was ranked 4.4/5 stars by Edmunds!

U.S. News rated the LaCrosse 8.7/10 and the #3 Affordable Large Car in America!

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