Is the Buick Grand National Really Coming Back?


We all remember the fast moving, heart pounding Buick Grand Nationals that had taken the United States by storm in the early 1980’s. These cars helped cement the notion that “what wins races on Sunday, drive sales on Monday”.

This popular brand captivated the American imagination for nearly two decades, before being phased out in 1996. From then on, these cars have become quite the collectors items, often a prize highly contested in auctions (as long as the car is in mint condition!)

It has been nearly twenty years since one of these beauties has rolled off an assembly line, during which, the occasional rumor has spread like wild fire about the potential for this regal brand to rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

Last December saw this rumor start flying around the automotive world again, though now it has the weight of the Car and Driver magazine behind it. There are two factors that weigh into whether or not this is real or fake:

1. Older Models are Making a Comeback

As the population begins to age, more and more companies are coming out with new and revamped versions of classic models, in order to entice those making their final big purchases. Every company from Nike to Chevrolet are concentrating on targeting this rich demographic.

It would make sense for the Buick Grand National to come back, with additional safety features and a more powerful engine. It can serve as a bridge, introducing the brand to a new generation that was born after it was taken off the market.

2. It was Officially Denied by Buick

There are two avenues through which a company revives a dead brand. The first is through internal pressure, in which company employees decide that there is enough interest to bring out a new version.

The other avenue is for public interest to become so strong that it overrides temporary concerns about profit. When the independent Buick dealer started passing around the waiting list last winter, the public reaction was nothing less than spectacular.

Even considering that the company officially hasn’t come out in favor of a revival, there is a guarantee that at the very least, some people of note in the marketing department are taking a careful look at the numbers and making up their minds as we speak.

Only Time Will Tell

A company like Buick has a long memory, and even longer commitment to protecting its intellectual property. The Buick Grand National name is still worth a great deal, making it inevitable that the company will do something with the brand to keep the trademarks and copyrights active. It simply has too much to lose to risk another company grabbing it ten years down the road.

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